Monday, April 30, 2012

Love to color!

Did a lot of Copic coloring this past weekend. I love coloring with my Copic markers - I love how the ink flows and how the colors layer and blend. Here are the three pieces I did:
First up is another Saturated Canary cutie. This one is named Canary Love. She was actually a freebie Krista posted on her blog. I just LOVE Krista's work! think all of her images are so cute. I don't own them all, but I certainly own a ton - LOL! 

This is an image from Make it Crafty - Fairy Tree House. I started the mushroom tops a couple of months ago and just finished this one up this weekend. I'm bad about doing that - starting an image and not finishing for a while. I get distracted easily . . . and often. Then it just takes a while to get back to some things. In the meantime I usually strart another image so I accumulate a good many partially completed pieces. There are no less than 26 different markers used on this image. Not gonna list them, but I will upload this image to my profile and tag the colors on that site. You can view them here (that is, after I get the image uploaded and the colors tagged).

And the last image I worked on - another one from Make it Crafty - Boot House. I really like the way this one finished up. on this one I used 40+ different markers! My table was covered!!

Hope you enjoy looking at the images I color as much as I enjoy coloring them. Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coloring Images - Some "Unfinished" Work Finally Finished

I have been working on my Copic Hair/Skin/Eyes sample book for a while. But I don't work on anything non-stop start-to-finish, so it is an ongoing process. And that is okay, because my sample book is not a bound book but rather an 8.5x11 portfolio. This allows me to add or remove or edit pages as I see fit. So, anyway, I had about 15 pages of hair samples that needed to be filed this past weekend and as I went through my portfolio I realized I had several images I had started but for whatever reason I simply had not finished them. As I put the hair sample pages in I straightened everything else up and moved the unfinished pieces to the front of the book so that they would be my next priority. 

Good plan, because by having done that I have now finished three of those images. And, at this point I truly have no idea what colors I used for these, so . . . oh well. :/ 

Anyway, here they are, in no specific order:

Nevaeh by Krista Smith of Saturated Canary

Tweetie by Kristy Dalman of Some Odd Girl.

Alice-Mae by Kristy Dalman of Some Odd Girl.

Okay, that is good, now I'm off to start some more images that will probably end up being my next batch of "unfinished" (I'm good that way!). :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My little sister is now an Independent Consultant with CLOSE TO MY HEART!

If you don't have a Close To My Heart consultant already, please consider ordering through my little sister.

I have ordered from random CTMH consultants in the past, but I'm happy to now have one I can actually call my own :D

Heads up Lisa - I have an order on the way!

Linked below is her announcement:
CricutCRAZYLisa: I am Now an Independent Consultant with CLOSE TO M...: I am SUPER EXCITED about this venture. I Love PAPERCRAFTING! Now is my opportunity to share with my Friends and family my love of this Hob...

Craft Room Update

Just posting a couple of small updates to my craft room. Both are compliments of Dear Hubby. He can get on my nerves sometimes, but then, I have to admit that most people do (yes, I will admit to not being a very patient person. Sad but true. And as hard as I have tried over the years to remedy that, well, just not happening.) But anyway, I digress, back to the craft room. Hubby dear made me some shelves to hang on the walls to help organize a little better. 

This is a small shelf he built to accommodate my wood-mount stamps. It is not all that big - 24" wide 25" high and 2.5" deep (that is wood measure - the top is serving as a shelf and is not measured in that 25" since I only measured to wood structure), but that was just about all the size that space on the wall would allow for. And I could have had him make it with deeper shelves, but the goal was to make the images of the stamps visible so that I would not have to move stamps in and out to find what I might want to work with. There really is not much room for growth, but honestly, I so much prefer clear stamps and acrylic blocks that I probably will add very few more wood-mounts to my collection.

Here is my other shelf hubby dear built for me. Again, specific to what I wanted to use it for, it is 48"W x 36"H but this one is 3.5" deep and is made from a heavier wood for the extra weight of the punches that I store on it. A little room for growth, but not a lot. I can move the adhesives and stuff from the top shelf and add more punches to that shelf later :D I hated to have him build it much bigger because it would be too hard for me to reach anything too high up and as you see it is hanging low enough on the wall as it is that it is barely higher than my sewing machine (which is in a standard sewing machine cabinet.)

So, now I am out of wall space to add more storage. I could add some storage below the work table, but I will wait a while and see how what I currently have migrates and morphs.