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Growing The Next Generation of Scrapbook/Crafters

Today I am posting the work of my 7yo granddaughter. 
She loves animals with a passion so we put together a mini-scrapbook for her to put cute animals in. She did most of the work - with a small amount of help but a lot of direction from me. I think she did a pretty bang-up job on it (all things considered . . . not the least of which is the fact that she is ADHD and not on medication - translation? A lot of patience on my part and a lot of telling her to come back & lets finish what we have laid out). 
We started by folding an 8X10 manila envelope in half and adding bright pink Duct Tape for added strength in the binding. I cut a square from a scrap of blotter paper and had her write the title on it. She stamped a flower border across the top & bottom and then we layered her title square with some blue cardstock. After running two short strips of woven ribbon through the Xyron I had her affix those to a pink cardstock (roughly 5X7, but not exact). Next up I ran the title card t…

Another Watercolor

I realize that I will never be rich or famous for my watercolors, but they sure make me feel good. Not only as I work on them but just looking at them when I am finished. This is today's watercolor - not any specific flower, but pink, and I like that.