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New Copic Marker Storage

I saw a post on the Copic Marker facebook wall where some one had used an ArtBin Double Deep Satchel, some plastic grid that goes over a fluorescent light and wooden dowels to make wonderful storage for Copic Markers. A few posts below that was a link to a blog post about it, but it really didn't tell much, none-the-less, here is that blog post: Scrap Happy Ohio

[EDIT 08-11-11 to add: As can be read in the comments of this post the idea was born before the July 8 post I referenced above. Helen Johnson blogged this storage on 04/10/11 in this post: To Cut or Color. In her post she links to the 2 sources for the idea. I love my new storage and wanted to add this paragraph for the benefit of those who may not open and read the comments below. Thank you Helen!]

My markers were in a bucket type tote bag that made it hard to find the color I wanted. 
This image is an older image, so I already had more markers jumbled up inside the tote. And knowing my collection would continue to grow I …

Copic Creations Challenge No. 53 ~ White Clothing

I saw this challenge (Challenge No. 53 ~ White Clothing) on the Copic Creations blog and thought I needed to try it since I had no clue how I would make something intended to be white look like it was really suppose to be white and not just an oopsie that I forgot to color. 

Well, here is my attempt - just the image. I just found the challenge today and the deadline is tomorrow and, considering it usually takes me a couple of days of laying out papers and shifting and swapping and shifting more and sometimes starting over completely,  I really don't have time enough to figure out what card layout she will go on.

I'm not really happy with the end result. I can see I need a lot of practice to make it look right. But it's a beginning. And, she is acceptable enough that she will end up on a card eventually.

A Day of Learning

Yesterday I spent a  good bit of my day learning a new technique. Well, lets say working on because I don't know that I can say I have "learned" it yet. I think it will take practice to become more comfortable with it. And, maybe it's not really a technique. I don't know - it is a . . . method? style? I don't know, maybe it is referred to as a  technique.

Anyway, what I spent time on was trying to color with my Copic markers to make the appearance of folds in the skirt of a Tilda. I signed up on a new Copic site,, and after I set up my profile, loaded my Copic colors, built my Copic wishlist and loaded a few images of some of my Copic coloring I started looking at  some of the work others had posted and saw one that I was amazed by. I clicked the users profile and followed their website link to the Make It Colorful blog post where Zoe has a video tutorial on how she colors folds and pleats. And, there was a challenge for followers to make their …