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Love to color!

Did a lot of Copic coloring this past weekend. I love coloring with my Copic markers - I love how the ink flows and how the colors layer and blend. Here are the three pieces I did:
First up is another Saturated Canary cutie. This one is named Canary Love. She was actually a freebie Krista posted on her blog. I just LOVE Krista's work! think all of her images are so cute. I don't own them all, but I certainly own a ton - LOL! 

This is an image from Make it Crafty - Fairy Tree House. I started the mushroom tops a couple of months ago and just finished this one up this weekend. I'm bad about doing that - starting an image and not finishing for a while. I get distracted easily . . . and often. Then it just takes a while to get back to some things. In the meantime I usually strart another image so I accumulate a good many partially completed pieces. There are no less than 26 different markers used on this image. Not gonna list them, but I will upload this image to my CopicColor.c…

Coloring Images - Some "Unfinished" Work Finally Finished

I have been working on my Copic Hair/Skin/Eyes sample book for a while. But I don't work on anything non-stop start-to-finish, so it is an ongoing process. And that is okay, because my sample book is not a bound book but rather an 8.5x11 portfolio. This allows me to add or remove or edit pages as I see fit. So, anyway, I had about 15 pages of hair samples that needed to be filed this past weekend and as I went through my portfolio I realized I had several images I had started but for whatever reason I simply had not finished them. As I put the hair sample pages in I straightened everything else up and moved the unfinished pieces to the front of the book so that they would be my next priority. 

Good plan, because by having done that I have now finished three of those images. And, at this point I truly have no idea what colors I used for these, so . . . oh well. :/ 

Anyway, here they are, in no specific order:

Nevaeh by Krista Smith of Saturated Canary

Tweetie by Kristy Dalman of Some…

My little sister is now an Independent Consultant with CLOSE TO MY HEART!

If you don't have a Close To My Heart consultant already, please consider ordering through my little sister.

I have ordered from random CTMH consultants in the past, but I'm happy to now have one I can actually call my own :D

Heads up Lisa - I have an order on the way!

Linked below is her announcement:
CricutCRAZYLisa: I am Now an Independent Consultant with CLOSE TO M...: I am SUPER EXCITED about this venture. I Love PAPERCRAFTING! Now is my opportunity to share with my Friends and family my love of this Hob...

Craft Room Update

Just posting a couple of small updates to my craft room. Both are compliments of Dear Hubby. He can get on my nerves sometimes, but then, I have to admit that most people do (yes, I will admit to not being a very patient person. Sad but true. And as hard as I have tried over the years to remedy that, well, just not happening.) But anyway, I digress, back to the craft room. Hubby dear made me some shelves to hang on the walls to help organize a little better. 

This is a small shelf he built to accommodate my wood-mount stamps. It is not all that big - 24" wide 25" high and 2.5" deep (that is wood measure - the top is serving as a shelf and is not measured in that 25" since I only measured to wood structure), but that was just about all the size that space on the wall would allow for. And I could have had him make it with deeper shelves, but the goal was to make the images of the stamps visible so that I would not have to move stamps in and out to find what I might wa…