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More Coloring Fun!

I ordered some new Copic markers this week and all eight of the fluorescent colors were in my order. They are such pretty colors that I had wanted them since they were first released. I was so excited to get them that as soon as they arrived I printed out some Karber Digital Images and started making some bright & pretty characters in costumes. 

As I was coloring I mentioned to hubby dear about how bright the orange was that I was using on my little Tiger Girl and he suggested we go turn on the black light (we are old hippies and we still have a black-light from way back int he 70's. But we have several things in out basement that date us - like an Atari with a couple dozen game cartridges (I really need to hook that console up and see if Space Invaders still plays - LOL).

Well, anyway, image my surprise and pleasure to find that my little Tiger Girl did glow (I was calling it a Tiger Boy until I started typing this blog post and went to the Karber site to get the link just to d…