More Coloring Fun!

I ordered some new Copic markers this week and all eight of the fluorescent colors were in my order. They are such pretty colors that I had wanted them since they were first released. I was so excited to get them that as soon as they arrived I printed out some Karber Digital Images and started making some bright & pretty characters in costumes. 

As I was coloring I mentioned to hubby dear about how bright the orange was that I was using on my little Tiger Girl and he suggested we go turn on the black light (we are old hippies and we still have a black-light from way back int he 70's. But we have several things in out basement that date us - like an Atari with a couple dozen game cartridges (I really need to hook that console up and see if Space Invaders still plays - LOL).

Well, anyway, image my surprise and pleasure to find that my little Tiger Girl did glow (I was calling it a Tiger Boy until I started typing this blog post and went to the Karber site to get the link just to discover it is a girl O.o). I was so tickled I went back upstairs and colored swatches of all my new fluorescents and hurried back to check them. Well, four of the eight would glow. I'm hoping that Copic will release some glowing purple and blues in the future,.

So, here is my original sheet of  Karber images. Isn't that Tiger just tooo cute?!?!

Here is a close up of Tiggry Layla. She isn't even finished. I became so distracted by the glowiness that I never colored her hair, her arms or the tummy part. I'll get back to her :D But, finished or not, I am entering her in the Karber Challenge #42 - Anything Goes.

And here is a close up of the Bear Girl. She is Bear Millie. She is colored in FV2 Fluorscent Dull Violet, which does not glow. But her hair is FRV1 - Fluorscent Pink and I used RV02 - Sugared Almond Pink for highlights. I colored her first so I didn't realize the FRV1 glowed and you can see how the RV02 highlights caused the top area of her hair to glow less.

These are the color swatches (seen at the bottom of the first image) with a top/bottom comparison to show the colors that did not glow for me.

And, I had so much fun with the fluorescent colors that I printed out the graffiti line art that Copic published and had more fun.

I guess I still have a good bit of that's 70's girl still in me because I sure am tickled that my markers glow! :D

And, for even more fun - Copic Markers posted my Black Light Image on their Tumblr Blog. That made me feel good!


  1. So cool! Thank you for playing The Karber Challenge :)

  2. Very cool....Love the Blacklight effect. And LOVE YOU my Beautiful sister!

  3. Colouring is fun and it will never be complete with Crayola and water colours. I and my two kids have time to colour together which is a perfect bonding for us.

  4. Thanks for sharing! This could be a lot of fun for a teenagers birthday party, or many other things. I can't wait to try it out.

  5. Awesome!!! Glad I asked you about this on instagram!!! Congrats on copic featuring this on their Facebook page!!!
    -cheers @darksparkle


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