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Just Coloring

Haven't made many cards lately, but I have been coloring up a storm. I just love my Copic markers so much that I stamped bunches of my images and colored them. Then I started wishing I had something bigger to color so it would not be finished quite so fast. You know, something that takes a little time, effort and a little more concentration. In that quest I ventured over into deviantArt and looked around. Lo and Behold, they have a group named Color-Me-Club where people upload images they drew and other people are free to download the images and color them. And so I did.

Here is the first image I colored - drawn by a girl from Lithuania. I'm not 100% satisfied with my work, but she was very pleased with it.

I am also working on another picture I downloaded. This is a WIP image - I am still working on deciding what colors to use for her hair.
I originally chose the mermaid image so i could use her on the Copic Markers Twitter Theme Thursday Tweets, but since I am having so much tr…

Thank You Card Set

I made this set of Thank You cards for my daughter. She unexpectedly became the legal guardian to her grandson last week. Several people she works with immediately jumped into action and rounded up a ton of baby things for her, which is such a blessing since, unlike having a baby and preparing for several months in advance, this was a family emergency situation and she had no months, no weeks, not even days to prepare. She wanted to give Thank You cards to those who helped and asked me if I could make her some. She also added that if I could not that it was okay, she would buy some at the store. But I know how much more it means when more effort is put into these things than just a quick stop at the local Wal-Mart or Target, so of course I agreed to do it. 

My first thought was that I wanted to use this uber cute digi-stamp that I got from When I started looking through my designed papers for a good background I decided I really liked some of the pages in a 4X6 pad t…