Thank You Card Set

I made this set of Thank You cards for my daughter. She unexpectedly became the legal guardian to her grandson last week. Several people she works with immediately jumped into action and rounded up a ton of baby things for her, which is such a blessing since, unlike having a baby and preparing for several months in advance, this was a family emergency situation and she had no months, no weeks, not even days to prepare. She wanted to give Thank You cards to those who helped and asked me if I could make her some. She also added that if I could not that it was okay, she would buy some at the store. But I know how much more it means when more effort is put into these things than just a quick stop at the local Wal-Mart or Target, so of course I agreed to do it. 

My first thought was that I wanted to use this uber cute digi-stamp that I got from When I started looking through my designed papers for a good background I decided I really liked some of the pages in a 4X6 pad that my little sister Cricut Crazy Lisa brought me last year. Problem was there were not 6 of the same design so I was going to have to use a few different ones. Not a problem since they are pretty well color coordinated anyway. And with that i decided to color each image a little different from the last image to keep the variety going.

So, here are my little boys when I was about half way through with the coloring. They are (obviously) colored in Copic markers.
Once I had finished the last three fellows I started pairing up my designed papers with each boy. 
That was a good pairing of paper and kid when I went to bed last night, but somewhere between going to bed and putting the cards together today I got them mixed up and they didn't necesarrily end up paired up the same today. But they still paired up nicely as seen here:
I added a simple sentiment to the inside because the position of the design, and it being a 4X6 piece of paper, dictated that the designed paper be used on a horizontal card. That did not allow much room for a sentiment on the front. If I had a verticle Thank You sentiment that might have worked, but I don't, so to the inside it went:
Of course I had to add some kind of embellishment to the front - I mean, it just called for something. And since it is all about the little boy I certainly couldn't go with rhinestones or pearls, so a simple grosgrain ribbon with a small bow worked out just fine. 

And these little fellows are so darn cute that I decided they deserve names. So here they are:



  1. Your cards are adorable! Thank you for sharing :)


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