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If You Looked . . .

I follow Krista Smith and her Saturated Canary Blog not only because I love her images, but also because I love her heart, the way she sees life and the way she feels about family.
Krista recently blogged "If You Looked...", which I really enjoyed reading. Krista got her inspiration from a blog she follows, The Shine Project (where The Shine Scholarship Project to help at risk kids get to college started). I found it interesting reading both "If You Looked" (well, actually all four since Ashley, who writes The Shine Project blog, actually has written three "If You Looked" blog posts - I'll link all four below).
So, I decided to throw one of my own out here. I hope you enjoy mine and maybe you can link your own in the comments and I can enjoy some more "If You Looked . . . " posts. Anyway, here goes:
If you looked into my home, you would find a house that is obviously well lived in. We keep most mess contained to my den and the kid room. But the…