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Christmas Cottages

I posted the picture above on Instagram and Stacy, an online friend from Blissfully ArtJournaling (one of my Yahoo groups) was interested in some close up images so I thought I would post it here so she (and anyone else interested) could see them.
I will state upfront – this is not our original idea. Nope, like many crafters we got our inspiration from another crafter. In this case the inspiration came from Gillian’s project on Snazzy’s DT: Design Team Project #2 ... A Christmas Cottage.
As soon as I saw this my first thought was “I want one!” And my second thought was that this would be a fun project for me and my daughter to work on together. 
So off I went in search of house shaped shadow boxes. 
I have no idea about the house shadowbox Gillian used, but I found one I liked that are made by Kaisercraft. 
I sent my daughter an email with links to the inspiration house on Snazzy's blog and to the Kaisercraft shadowboxes I thought we could use. And, as expected, she was just as excite…