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Martha Stewart, I'm no Expert, but . . .

. . . I am a blogger. And I'm as qualified to be a blogger as you are.

Martha Stewart seems to have gotten blogging and corporate web-presence confused. In an interview on Bloomburg Martha states that she has a minor gripe about bloggers because "who are these bloggers? They're not trained editors of Vogue Magazine. I mean, there are bloggers writing recipes that aren't tested, that aren't necessarily very good or are copies of everything that really good editors have created or done. So bloggers create a kind of . . . umm,  umm, popularity. But they are not the experts. And we have to understand that."

Well, that just kinda irritated me. Because, truly, Martha herself is not an expert either! She has a staff that writes her blog posts. She has a staff that markets her products.  And I expect she has a legal staff who negotiates using the MS name on products that have been developed by other people. 

This is just my opinion, but, honestly, the Martha of many man…

Christmas Cottages

I posted the picture above on Instagram and Stacy, an online friend from Blissfully ArtJournaling (one of my Yahoo groups) was interested in some close up images so I thought I would post it here so she (and anyone else interested) could see them.
I will state upfront – this is not our original idea. Nope, like many crafters we got our inspiration from another crafter. In this case the inspiration came from Gillian’s project on Snazzy’s DT: Design Team Project #2 ... A Christmas Cottage.
As soon as I saw this my first thought was “I want one!” And my second thought was that this would be a fun project for me and my daughter to work on together. 
So off I went in search of house shaped shadow boxes. 
I have no idea about the house shadowbox Gillian used, but I found one I liked that are made by Kaisercraft. 
I sent my daughter an email with links to the inspiration house on Snazzy's blog and to the Kaisercraft shadowboxes I thought we could use. And, as expected, she was just as excite…

If You Looked . . .

I follow Krista Smith and her Saturated Canary Blog not only because I love her images, but also because I love her heart, the way she sees life and the way she feels about family.
Krista recently blogged "If You Looked...", which I really enjoyed reading. Krista got her inspiration from a blog she follows, The Shine Project (where The Shine Scholarship Project to help at risk kids get to college started). I found it interesting reading both "If You Looked" (well, actually all four since Ashley, who writes The Shine Project blog, actually has written three "If You Looked" blog posts - I'll link all four below).
So, I decided to throw one of my own out here. I hope you enjoy mine and maybe you can link your own in the comments and I can enjoy some more "If You Looked . . . " posts. Anyway, here goes:
If you looked into my home, you would find a house that is obviously well lived in. We keep most mess contained to my den and the kid room. But the…

You're Never Too Old for Coloring Books!

True story. But yeah, the big problem with typical coloring books is they are made from paper that is generally best colored on with crayons. Not my medium of choice. :(

Ah, but no need for the sad face! Nope, no need at all! I am making my own coloring book! And I am making it with digi-stamps printed on my favorite paper for coloring with, my preferred medium, Copic Markers (X-Press It Paper).

This image is going to be part of my coloring book cover. Her name is Ani. She is currently available in Krista's shop: Ani, but if you like her and want to own your own copy than I recommend going on over there to buy her because shop stock is dynamic and she may not be there later.

I haven't decided on the complete cover yet, but I went ahead and colored my girl so I could enter her in the color challenge (Challenge #36) over on Krista Smith's challenge blog: Saturated Canary Challenge Blog.

I had her printed and had stared at her for the better part of last week just trying to decid…