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Sweet Sixteen for Sabrina

My oldest granddaughter will be sixteen tomorrow and we have been working for the last few days to finish up work on her party invitations. Since her mom is taking her on a cruise (departing New Years Day) they have opted to have her party the middle of January, so we are not horribly late on finishing & getting them in the mail. 
This has been a laborious and tedious task, but I can't complain since it is for my granddaughter and she helped with a lot of it (last night we recruited her mom to help with a final surge trying to get all the pieces glued & glittered. And, since her party will be at a State Park that charges and admission, her mom was suppose to buy a quantity of the little red ticket for each person to gain access (the little tickets that are used for door prize drawings at a lot of events). However, she asked them about us making tickets that fit the party theme and the State Park agreed, so we had to make tickets to go with the invites.
Here is what we made …