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A Couple of New Cards

Well, I haven't gotten any more done in my efforts to revamp the sewing room into a craft room, but, I will get back to it. It is really a bit overwhelming at times. I did however make a couple of new cards.

This first one is okay, but not really that good. But, I love bright colors and pinks and purples so I had to make a pink or purple. It just didn't turn out as well as I would have hoped. And, I discovered I'm not as thrilled with stickles on a large scale. But, it is what it is and I did like the teddy bear, so here I post it. This stamp is Being Together by Gillian Roberts of Stampavie.

This next one I did this morning and I really like it. Of course, being one of my harshest critics, I do see flaws with it. But I really like it. This is my first attempt at coloring something other than cute little girls. And . . . this is also my first card made with a digi stamp. However, it is not my first attempt at coloring a digi stamp. With the first one I colored I discovered I…

Still a Lot To Get Done

I guess sometimes it's not about what you craft, but more about what you get done. I use to sew. And I sewed a good bit. I actually made 90% of my maternity clothes when I was expecting my second child, and I made tons of cute clothes for both my kids when they were small. I even made a few shirts for my husband that he liked so well he actually wore one when we had a family portrait made. But I don't sew much anymore. I don't know exactly when I fell out of love with sewing, but I did. So much so that I even dread the thought of simply putting a hem back in something or stitching an open seam shut.

And so it is that for several years now my sewing room has slowly filled with a lot o things that either needed to be put in proper storage or discarded completely. But, since the sewing room wasn't getting much use it was just easier to fill it with all these "things". these things that are now in my way. These things that are holding up the progress of me conve…

Current Craft

I haven't ever really taken pictures of crafts I've done in the past, but I did recently take a Copic Make & Take and took pictures of those to post on facebook. I thought I did pretty well at it, until I was at home with no instructor and tried my own hand at it. I realized then that there is a lot more to adding color with a Copic than just putting pen to paper. I think I went through about 7 stamped images with all but 3 going to the trash because they were beyond salvage. But I did finally start feeling better about my efforts and actually turned one into a card.
Anyway, here is the first card we did in class. Isn't he a cute little dragon? He's okay, but not as good as he could be. He was my first ever attempt at shading & blending. And, being the rebel I am, I colored him some red shorts - the instructors version had his bottom colored green - no shorts! O.O Colored with Copic Markers. the stamp is by Nancy Hain of LeLo Design.

And, here is the second c…
Well, I completely forgot about having set up this blog page until my little sister sent me a link to her blog. Of course her blog has a lot of posts and mine basically had the opening post - lol. Guess I'm not a very good blogger. And, while I set this blog up originally to save links to blogs I wanted to follow I found myself using bookmarks to read the blogs rather than linking to them from here. Bad bad Redonna.

But I will try to do better and try to post some stuff here to share with my little sister. Love you Lisa!