Still a Lot To Get Done

I guess sometimes it's not about what you craft, but more about what you get done. I use to sew. And I sewed a good bit. I actually made 90% of my maternity clothes when I was expecting my second child, and I made tons of cute clothes for both my kids when they were small. I even made a few shirts for my husband that he liked so well he actually wore one when we had a family portrait made. But I don't sew much anymore. I don't know exactly when I fell out of love with sewing, but I did. So much so that I even dread the thought of simply putting a hem back in something or stitching an open seam shut.

And so it is that for several years now my sewing room has slowly filled with a lot o things that either needed to be put in proper storage or discarded completely. But, since the sewing room wasn't getting much use it was just easier to fill it with all these "things". these things that are now in my way. These things that are holding up the progress of me converting the sewing room into a craft room. And I really need a craft room these days!

Since I retired I have slowly pulled my scrap-booking stuff back out & started accumulating more scrap-booking stuff. and now I have discovered that I enjoy making cards, which to me is kinda like mini scrapbook pages, but without being dictated by the image in a photo. And to go along with making these cards I have started accumulating materials for card-making (you know, card-stock, embellishments, stamp grade paper & my new love, Copic markers.

And . . . all these supplies are currently filling all available space in my tiny den. And it is a tiny den, about 10x11, or maybe 11x12, but still, when you have an entertainment center with a TV, stereo, set of encyclopedias, a Nintendo game-cube, a Nintendo Wii, a dozen or so games, a computer armoire with chair, a 4 foot tall bookcase containing roughly 400 DVD's, a love-seat recliner AND a 4' long, 20" wide folding table (not to mention the plastic boxes with craft supplies stacked under the table) all in this small room, it starts to get claustrophobic. So I really, REALLY need to get that room cleared out & revamped as my craft room.

So far I have sent 2 boxes of stuff to a local non-profit and bagged up 5 large garbage bags (the big greenish/black size bags) for the dump. But Oh My Goodness . . . There is still a lot to get done.


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