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Kids Will be Kids

Yep. And we know this. But none-the-less, that doesn't stop us from being surprised by what they do. So today I am not posting a crafty thing. I am posting one of those "kid" things. Well, maybe it could qualify as a crafty thing. I don't know. We'll see.
Since school is officially out for the summer where my 7 year old granddaughter attends she is here for a visit. And, like a lot of 7yo's, and especially those with no other 7yo's around, she finds way to entertain herself. One of her favorite entertainments is to drape sheets, blankets or pieces of fabric over the bunk-bed rails and create a little fort inside. She has done this on many occasions. Not so much a crafty things as a 7yo entertaining herself thing.
Now, here is where we could say she got a little crafty. Today she decided to decorate an empty box to be her TV in her fort. You can see the cardboard TV in this picture of the inside of her fort:
The brown cardboard box in the back right corner is…

My Letter Love 101 Journal

I signed up for an online lettering class by Joanne Sharpe. I'm hoping to make myself more comfortable and happy with hand lettering . It is self-paced so you don't have to start at any particular time and, more importantly, you don't have to "stay with the class" as you work through the lessons. I like that because that means I don't have to stress about not getting a lesson finished on a deadline and falling behind. I'm expecting this to be FUN!! 

One of the first things she has the class do is make a journal to do the lessons in. I will make three different journals during the class - this is just the first of three. Here is a look at the cover of my Letter Love Journal. I printed four copies of a digi-stamp from Some Odd Girl, Cold Kitty Tia, in a quad and then colored them with my Copic markers. Kinda, sorta, maybe but not quite in the color-block fashion - maybe a' la Andy Warhol.

I used a bunch of Mod Podge and covered a college ruled composition…

Color Block . . . kinda

I colored four copies of Cold Kitty Tia by Kristy Dalman of Some Odd Girl in a version of color-block. I think generally doing color block the entire quadrant would be the one color, but I had a hard time making myself go true color block, so I just used my 4 color choices and moved them into the clothing of the four girls. And, since their clothes are not actually "identical" I couldn't go identical on their eyes and hair either, so each girl has different color eyes and hair. 

So, without further ado, here are my color-block Cold Kitty Tias - colored with Copic markers:

I will try to do color-block the right way again some time in the future and maybe I will be more successful at it. Until then I am happy enough with my girls and I plan to use them on the cover of a Letter Love Journal I am in the process of putting together.

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