Kids Will be Kids

Yep. And we know this. But none-the-less, that doesn't stop us from being surprised by what they do. So today I am not posting a crafty thing. I am posting one of those "kid" things. Well, maybe it could qualify as a crafty thing. I don't know. We'll see.
Since school is officially out for the summer where my 7 year old granddaughter attends she is here for a visit. And, like a lot of 7yo's, and especially those with no other 7yo's around, she finds way to entertain herself. One of her favorite entertainments is to drape sheets, blankets or pieces of fabric over the bunk-bed rails and create a little fort inside. She has done this on many occasions. Not so much a crafty things as a 7yo entertaining herself thing.
Now, here is where we could say she got a little crafty. Today she decided to decorate an empty box to be her TV in her fort. You can see the cardboard TV in this picture of the inside of her fort:
Well equipped fort - TV, hanging basket for storage and a battery operated lantern for light. We're talking uptown here! 
The brown cardboard box in the back right corner is her TV. She drew a screen and colored the box with markers. Because she was trying to cover the entire box with fine point markers I saved her the tediousness of the task and took my Mega marker to it. I was able to color it in pretty quick (although the marker odor was almost enough to get us all high on the fumes). Once we had the TV housing colored we added some buttons from my button can to be her knobs and we also added one red button to be the eye for the remote control. So, yeah, maybe a little craftiness here.
So, anyway, lets move on to the Remote control. She took a small box that came from a jewelry store and she made a remote control for the TV. Kinda hard to tell, but if you look hard you can see that she has marked off a grid to indicate the buttons - you can barely make out channel numbers, but they are there:
Universal Remote
Next she took a smaller version of the jewelry box and made herself a doorbell. Because, well, you know you just don't enter a person's fort without being admitted. And being all "upscale" and all, she had to have a doorbell. And, make no mistake, admission MUST be granted. See in this shot her dire warning has been posted: 
(also notice the basket rigged up for transporting stuff up from the ground - the ground that is only 18 inches away. But then again - that is a Pet Shop Pet basket, so it is only about 3 inches tall - LOL)
Do you see the big "Keep Out"? Yeah, that was pretty clear. But notice the addition of the illustration added for impact? Here, take a closer look:
A skull always warns of death - proceed with caution.
There you go - a skull - now that is a dire warning if ever I saw one. I'm just not sure how that pirates bandanna stayed on when his flesh rotted away to leave his skull revealed. Maybe that is how he died, his bandanna was so tight it cut off circulation to the brain? So if you see a Keep Out with a skull it would be best to use the doorbell.

So, lets get back to the doorbell. It was really pretty much just a big circle colored in in the middle of the smaller box. Nothing really worth note and not really worth an extra picture. But I do have another picture to add to this story. This is the picture that causes me to say "kids will be kids". 
Here is said 7 year old after she decided to lick the doorbell off of the box! Why she did this no one knows. Her response was pretty much the same: "I don't know". But it seems that the shiny silver metallic finish on the jewelry boxes is not a good surface for markers and will give up the marker with a little moisture applied. 
Now, all this was funny enough, but add to this the reaction of said 7 year old's 17 year old sister. She seemed to be near a panic when she saw her. She starts telling her little sister to come with her to the bathroom and she sounded frantic so I ask what happened so said 7 year old come to my den rather than going to her big sister in the bathroom. Never fear, big sister hurries in to make sure little sister doesn't die on us:
So there we go - a 17 year old brushing a 7 year old's tongue in my den. Talk about laughing till you almost wet yourself! I laugh again as I look at this picture of big sister holding little sister's tongue to save her from certain death. Oh, wait, they are water based kids markers . . . no, she wasn't gonna die on us. She was just going to spend the day looking like a blue tongued Siberian Husky!

Kids Will Be Kids


  1. That is beyond funny. Love your description.


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