Color Block . . . kinda

I colored four copies of Cold Kitty Tia by Kristy Dalman of Some Odd Girl in a version of color-block. I think generally doing color block the entire quadrant would be the one color, but I had a hard time making myself go true color block, so I just used my 4 color choices and moved them into the clothing of the four girls. And, since their clothes are not actually "identical" I couldn't go identical on their eyes and hair either, so each girl has different color eyes and hair. 

So, without further ado, here are my color-block Cold Kitty Tias - colored with Copic markers:

(the colors look splotchy in the picture, but I promise they are not splotchy in real life. hmmm, sad image.)

I will try to do color-block the right way again some time in the future and maybe I will be more successful at it. Until then I am happy enough with my girls and I plan to use them on the cover of a Letter Love Journal I am in the process of putting together.


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