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I haven't ever really taken pictures of crafts I've done in the past, but I did recently take a Copic Make & Take and took pictures of those to post on facebook. I thought I did pretty well at it, until I was at home with no instructor and tried my own hand at it. I realized then that there is a lot more to adding color with a Copic than just putting pen to paper. I think I went through about 7 stamped images with all but 3 going to the trash because they were beyond salvage. But I did finally start feeling better about my efforts and actually turned one into a card.

Anyway, here is the first card we did in class. Isn't he a cute little dragon? He's okay, but not as good as he could be. He was my first ever attempt at shading & blending. And, being the rebel I am, I colored him some red shorts - the instructors version had his bottom colored green - no shorts! O.O Colored with Copic Markers. the stamp is by Nancy Hain of LeLo Design.

And, here is the second card we made in class. Tilda with flowers. I feel I did better on her shading since I wasn't as apprehensive about the blending technique. The instuctor wanted me to add a more concentrated color, but I liked her better a bit lighter. Copic Markers - Tilda by Magnolia Stamps.

 Okay, now we get to what I did without guidance. It was a little bit of a challenge because I had to find paper that I already have that works with the color of Copic markers that I currently have. The green is still a little off, but it was the closest I had. The paper if from a "distressed" collection, so it looks kinda smudged, but that is part of the print image of the paper. And I raided my button can for the rustic buttons that had a distressed look to them. My denim still needs lots of practice, but overall I'm pleased with the card. Stamp design is by Sarah Kay for Stampavie.

Now I have to wait for some more stamps and I need to get to the local scrapbook store to buy some more papers and cardstock so I can see what else I can make! :)


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