Coloring Images - Some "Unfinished" Work Finally Finished

I have been working on my Copic Hair/Skin/Eyes sample book for a while. But I don't work on anything non-stop start-to-finish, so it is an ongoing process. And that is okay, because my sample book is not a bound book but rather an 8.5x11 portfolio. This allows me to add or remove or edit pages as I see fit. So, anyway, I had about 15 pages of hair samples that needed to be filed this past weekend and as I went through my portfolio I realized I had several images I had started but for whatever reason I simply had not finished them. As I put the hair sample pages in I straightened everything else up and moved the unfinished pieces to the front of the book so that they would be my next priority. 

Good plan, because by having done that I have now finished three of those images. And, at this point I truly have no idea what colors I used for these, so . . . oh well. :/ 

Anyway, here they are, in no specific order:

Nevaeh by Krista Smith of Saturated Canary

Tweetie by Kristy Dalman of Some Odd Girl.

Alice-Mae by Kristy Dalman of Some Odd Girl.

Okay, that is good, now I'm off to start some more images that will probably end up being my next batch of "unfinished" (I'm good that way!). :D


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