Last Weekends Card Making (Just couldn't get this posted sooner)

Well, I have started this post no less than three times this week and seem to keep getting pulled away by other things. This time I intend to get it posted no matter the obstacles!

These three cards are my making, but not my design. On World Cardmaking Day, Saturday last, Oct. 2, 2010, my 15y.o. granddaughter & I went to the LSS and took a Make & Take Class.I really like taking these classes because I learn techniques and find products I had not tried before. I also love that my granddaughter has discovered the fun and pleasure of scrapbooking & card-making and we can spend time together with this craft.

So, for this class we made Christmas cards. Three to be exact. I will highlight them one by one, but we actually worked on all three simultaneously. We started with the first card I will highlight because we needed to color the small circle detail and paint it with a crackle product and then leave it to dry. That circle detail was the first we worked on and the last we worked on because we glued it to the first card after we had finished the others. Well, almost finished the others. Truth be told, there is a rhinestone on the center of card three that did not get attached until we got back to my house, but the crackle circle was the first & last that we handled while at the LSS. :) minutiae

Okay, so here is card number one with the crackle circle detail. Basic red cardstock topped with printed paper by The Girls Paperie that has been edged with pinking shears and aged with a dry ink. And here I should point out that my granddaughter & I used the opposite side of this printed paper than what Christine, our instructor, was directing. Both sides would work but we liked the poinsettia side better. I should also point out that this is not the first time I have been a rebel in one of Christine's classes. I also deviated from the instruction in the first class I took with Christine while making this card: Cute Dragon. Okay, so back to the card. Once the printed paper was attached we used Alene's Tacky Glue to attach a piece of neutral felt and then added another printed paper by The Girls Paperie that has been edged with pinking shears and also aged with dry ink. We then tied a narrow width grosgrain ribbon around the card. The crackled circle detail is attached to a black circle that has been attached to a green printed scalloped circle (the green scallop also got the dry ink edging) and all was then added to the card with foam pop-dots.

Here is card number two.  Basic green, almost a muted apple green, with two different size rectangles of printed paper by The Girls Paperie. We then used the Christmas Nested Frames set from the JustRite 2010 Christmas Collection to stamp the sentiment in red and then we stamped both the small and large frames in a linen color ink twice. We colored the holly leaves of the large frame on one stamped image and the holly leaves of the small frame on the second stamped image with Copic markers. We then trimmed the large uncolored frame off of the mall frame and attached the small frame to the center of the large frame with foam pop-dots. We finished by attaching the sentiment to the small frame with more foam pop dots. On this card both of the printed papers as well as the sentiment were aged with a dry ink.

Okay, and this is card number three. We started with a red square card this time and attached a square of music print paper that was aged with dry ink. We then took a rectangle of the red snowflake print paper and ran a line of tape runner along the bottom edge. To the tape runner we lined up four black circles, staring in the center and leaving a little less than half the circle exposed below the red paper. We then trimmed the excess circle from the ends. We attached that about half way down the music paper and placed a strip of the green print paper across the top, slightly overlapping the red paper. The giant snowflake was cut from a lightweight chipboard. I'm not sure what die was used since that was provided to us already cut, we just added spray adhesive & glitter. This glittery snowflake was attached by spraying the backside with spray adhesive. The center detail is and accordion folded strip of red cardstock. Again, this was cut for us so I'm not positive, but I believe the die was a Tim Holtz. Folding it was easy enough, back & forth like a fan. But it took 2 people to hold it down into a circle and get the ends glued together and then to get some heavy double sided tape attached to one side. To this strip of tape we added the smaller circle detail, This detail is a black circle topped by a white circle that we stamped a JustRite circle on that reads "Let it Snow" over & over. To the white sentiment circle we attached a small black circle with a snowflake stamped in white pigment. The completed accordion and circle detail was attached to the snowflake with another piece of the heavy duty double sided tape. And we finished it off with a small rhinestone in the center of the snowflake.

And, to finish out the fun we had at the Make & Take Class - they had a drawing for two door prizes and my granddaughter's name was drawn for one of the prizes! YAY Sabrina! She won a JustRite stamp set.


  1. Redonna,

    They are all BEAUTIFUL. But the Last one! IT POPS! I was sick for the snow this year...SO LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!! LET IT SNOW!!!

  2. Hey Redonna. I love your blog post. I think you wrote up the details better than I could. Thanks so much for the shout out and posting your cards. I'm so glad that you and your granddaughter had fun and hope that we can do it all again sometime. Have a wonderful day!
    xoxo, Christine

  3. Thanks Lisa, I know you always have nice things to say - gotta love my little sister. Hugs & Love to you!

    Thanks Christine. I need to link the post to your blog but I can't find the link. I think I dropped it in the wrong folder. I will link you as soon as I find you again - lol. And yes, Sabrina & I will definitely sign on for more classes with you. We really do learn a lot from your classes! Thanks again! :)


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