New Journal

I am participating in two facebook journal groups for 2014 - The Documented Life Project ( and Journal52 ( I am combining both in one journal.

I started with The Documented Life Project. The admins and many of the participants are using a moleskin weekly planner for this. I ordered one from Amazon but cancelled the order before it shipped due to concerns about the paper being thin and ink bleeding. I kicked around several ideas before just throwing a "Hail Mary" pass and asking the hubs to pick me up a cheap week-at-a-glance at Walmart. I figured the end result would look nothing like the purchased product so as long as there were weekly pages I would be okay. 

This is the planner he picked up. Granted it would not have been my first choice, but I was okay with it since I planned to make it over anyway.
This is the inside fly pages:
Because the book had a slick cover that did not want to hold paint or gesso I glued brown paper to it and painted on that.
Painted outside (drying time).
Bringing together all the pieces and parts:
Matching scrapbook paper to replace the inside fly pages:
And . . .
Here is the finished alter:
New inside fly pages:
Altered back. I'm undecided about the green elastic. It did play a part in my color selection, but now that the book is finished I'm not sure I'm all that happy with the shade of green. Besides, right now it scrunched my lace down in an unhappy way.

I'll decide on the elastic band later. Enough for now. Thanks for looking.


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