Friday, August 27, 2010

Been a Tough Week

This has been a pretty bad week for me. Well, actually, just the last three days, but that IS the majority of the week so far. It all started day before yesterday when I woke my PC up and there was a bubble in the task bar saying that McAfee had run an update & I needed to restart my PC. No problem - click the restart and as it boots back up I get the BSoD (blue screen of death). Tried everything I could to recover without a reload of the O.S, but no luck. As much as I hated reloading the OS I was at least accepting of that being the final solution since I felt my pictures and documents were all safe on Carbonite. (And this is no promotion for any products or services, this is just how I have chosen to backup my files - and about 10 years of digital images)

Anyway, finally get the OS reloaded and now I have to change all the generic stuff and start trying to recall what programs I had that I want to reinstall. Thinking that it might be wiser to restore my Carbonite fist, in case any program requires a download of more current drivers or files I would prefer that those overwrite anything Carbonite restores rather Carbonite overwriting and updated drivers or files. Carbonite started . . . Oh Em Gee! The estimated time field says "A few Days"! I kid you not! I actually said  that! But, the other option was for me to manually restore files one by one. Ummmm, no, lets let Carbonite do it's thing.

Okay, finally felt a slight bit better. Sleep. Wake and see that Yay! Carbonite is now at 26% complete! Hope shines ever so slightly now.

Well, that ray of hope was overshadowed yesterday about lunchtime when my dear hubby, who had gone to meet some of his buddies for lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant, called to tell me he was having an allergic reaction and this one seems to be worse than anything he has had before. He has had these allergic reactions off & on for the 30+ years we have been married. Usually some swelling of the eyes, some itchy throat, every so often some itchy welts on his arms, ears, neck. But never have any of the prior attacks affected his ability to breath. Well, this one did! He left the restaurant and heads back our way & call while driving to ask what I think he should do. E.R., or, since his doctors office is right beside the hospital, go in there and see if the doctor can see him. I call the doctors office - nope, doctor is not in, wont be in for an hour or so. I call hubby back & tell him head straight to the E.R. and I head that way myself. They kept him in the E.R for several hours & finally admitted him to the ICU for observation. The allergic reaction was in regression, but it required a repeat of all treatments generally administered for allergic reaction and the E.R doctor didn't want to take a chance on his breathing becoming compromised again. Fortunately he was doing much better this morning & is back home, with a few new prescriptions - one is an EpiPen (YAY!).

Unfortunately though, my power went off during the night and hosed up my Carbonite restore session. And, now I wait (as patiently as a very impatient person can) for their Tier 2 tech support to play 20 questions with me. But I still have hope since their system is suppose to have more than one copy of my backed up files. We will see how this goes.

I need a new week!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Double Pocket Card

This is my second card made specifically for challenges. I enjoyed making this card because there was a specific type of card required for one challenge (Squigglefly Challenge #63) , and a specific color scheme was required for a second challenge (SAV Challenge #31) . Well, actually, they are both color specific, but the Squigglefly color requirement is fall colors and the Stampavie color requirement fits. Additionally the color scheme challenge also required a Stampavie stamp be used. It took me a minute to figure out how to get my elements to come together, but I did it. I decided to make a miniature card for my granddaughter with the stamped (My Sweet Lili by Sarah Kay) image to use as one of the inserts for the pocket. I made her a bookmark for my second pocket insert.

Card with inserts

Here are the inserts - a miniature card with a poem about granddaughters inside and a bookmark with "KNOW" & "LOVE" tags.

A non-challenge, non-card specific note here: I really need to get a small easle to put these cards in to take pictures. I am trying to take these pictures in my craft room where there is better light, but I seem to get either a shadow or a glare. Guess that is my next shopping quest.

Edit 08/27/10 @ 12:35 - Yay me, this card fits the criteria for a third challenge this week: Paper Cutz Challenge #56 . That is fortunate for me since this has been a hard week for me, but I will put up a new post on all that.

Also, I picked up a  couple of small clear plastic easels, so hopefully future cards can be better photographed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank You to Lisa

My little sister made me a handy little booklet to keep my Copic color combinations in and to say Thank You I made her a card (I mean, aren't we always looking for a chance to make a new card?). I was so excited to have finished my card that I put it in the mail to her before I took a picture and had to ask her to snap it and e-mail me some shots! Okay, maybe it wasn't so much my excitement as it was my rememberer not being as good as it  once was, but that's beside the point! 

On this card I knew Lisa liked red so I had to make red the predominant color. And, since I like pinks & purples, I thought it was pretty neat to find a paper with a pink & red pattern. By far, the hardest part of making this card was pleating the ribbon to frame the stamped image. That ribbon is a 1/4" gossamer like ribbon with a think satin border on each side. And along with my rememberer getting older, my fingers have too. But it was a labor of love so I plugged away and finally got a length sufficient to make the frame. (Thank goodness the stitches are glued under the stamped image pieces so no one can see that less than stellar handiwork!)

The stamp is ROSE'S GARDEN by Sarah Kay from Stampavie. I honestly have no idea who the paper is by. I got it from my favorite local scrap-booking store. The ribbon is rather generic from Michael's. And of course she was colored with Copic markers. 

There is actually a little kitten in that image, and he is colored also, but unfortunately he had to be sacrificed to allow for the little thank you sign from my In My Garden Cricut cart. The little garden tools hanging from the grommet holes in the top left are from that same cartridge and just dangled using beige cross-stitch floss. 

All in all I'm pretty pleased with this card.

Monday, August 23, 2010

YNS Challenge #23~Bold, Bright, Summery Colors!

Okay, so this is the first card I made specifically for a challenge. YNS Challenge #23~Bold, Bright, Summery Colors! I did post my Baby Card on a challenge, but I just got lucky to have made a card that fit the challenge design that very week. But this one I saw a challenge that I knew I could put together since the focus was Bold Bright Summery Colors. I kicked around several color combinations but decided I liked the basic primary color combination a lot. Some might think these colors look like a Primary School theme color arrangement, but to me they say summer. Especially with the bright yellow! Just a happy color. :)

And, to my advantage since I am still new to the creating of the cards, this challenges is won by random number based on what order submissions are posted. So I have a chance even though there are people who make cards that are simply amazing! If it were awarded based on talent/skill, I would pass on the opportunity.

Anyway, here is my little summer girl. She is LIttle Mimosa, a Bildmalarna stamp and she is colored with Copic (of course).

Also entering this card in the  following challenges: Paper Cutz Challenge - #55 Anything Goes and Fab & Funky Challenges - #36 Flower Power.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Card (and mini-status update on the room re-vamp)

Yesterday I spent part of my day working on a couple of cards and spent the rest of the day working organizing my supplies in my craft room.

First I want to post a card a made to go with the baby gift for my step-granddaughter, Jennifer. This is my first attempt at an easel design and I am pretty pleased with it. It doesn't exactly match the wrapping paper for the gift, which is mostly ecru with little rabbits at play, but I wanted it to be specifically blue for boy so that it made better sense if she chooses to set it out to look at and show others.

Angled view to show the easel
This card is made with a digi-stamp from And the diaper pins were just a free clip-art image from some random place on the web. I cut the pins out & raised them with foam tape to give more support to the image front.
Front view
You can't really tell in these images, but if you click on the front image it should open to a larger view and you can see the Cuttlebug Swiss Dot embossed blue panel.


I found a nice baby sentiment on a quotes site and added that to the inside top page to allow a space for a signature and to help cover the folds where the easel was created.

And here I will throw in a bonus update for my little sister. A picture of the booklet she made for me. It is hard at work collecting my Copic notes and color samples. Loooove it!!!!
And, a mini-update on the re-vamp of my scrapping room. It is coming along nicely. I have the walls painted and a lot of my supplies in there. In fact, I can actually work in there now. But I haven't posted images yet because there are a couple of elements that I am waiting on materials to finish up. One is paper racks to go in some pegboard that once held bobbins of thread and the other is some material and ribbon trim that I will use to cover another pegboard that once held odd lot odds & ends. I plan to made the oft seen fabric bulletin board with criss-crossed ribbon to display cards. I realized that doesn't offer all that much display area, but I didn't want a typical cork board bulletin board because I didn't want to have to poke holes in cards to get them on the board.

All in all, I'm pleased with the progress so far. And I am so glad to have a bright space to work in with room to spread the supplies out for easy access. :) (Besides, that room spent the better part of 20 years accumulating junk and really really needed to be cleared out.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love My Little Sister

I get to share another post with crafty work I did not do! This time it is some wonderful craftiness from my little sister, Lisa. During a recent telephone conversation I mentioned needing to come up with a small notebook I could store my favorite Copic color combinations in for reference. I said that if I had a Bind It All I would just make one, but since I don't have a BIA I guess I will just see what I could find at the local target. Well, being the sweet sister she is, she said she had a BIA and would make a booklet for me. Other than suggesting the pages be something in the neighborhood of 1/4 sheet size to keep the cutting & measuring simple I told her I would leave color & design up to her. Well, my package arrived today and I was sooo happy with my booklet! She did a wonderful job and I just love it! I have already pasted some of my color samples in it. When I have a stamp that doesn't stamp up well I save it to do test color & techniques. When I like the color sample I label the Copic numbers and add it to the stack on the corner of my desk.

Closed booklet

Opened booklet

And do you see all the paper laid out below the booklet? Well, she sent me an 8X8 paper sampler too. And some wonderful papers I might add. I love each and every one of them. And they are two sided, so that gives me double the options! (Gosh I need to get finished with the reno work in my craft room so I can get back to making some cute stuff!)

And, of course, being the crafty lady that she is, she also made the note card she enclosed. I do believe I have a wonderful little sister! I love you Lisa! xoxo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's not always about me (and I'm okay with that)

This card was not made by me. It was made by my 15 year old granddaughter. She spent several days with me this past week and I gave her a mini-course on using the blending technique of the Copic markers. She took to it like a champ! She used her first stamped piece to make a birthday card for her best friend, Shelby.
Here is her first card, and I'm so proud of her!

And, since both she & her friend Shelby love The Beatles music, she added a line from a classic Beathes song to the inside.

Of course having her here working on crafts with me reminded me of how badly I want to get the sewing room revamped to my craft room as soon as possible. And, yes,I realize I blogged about this task a while back, but I have had one or another grandchild here for most days of the last few weeks. And when I get involved in the clean-up I don't want or need to have to stop several times to accommodate them, so I just let it slide. But school starts back the middle of next week so my weekdays should be mine again soon. At least mine until I have to go pick up the youngest grandchild from daycare each day.