Been a Tough Week

This has been a pretty bad week for me. Well, actually, just the last three days, but that IS the majority of the week so far. It all started day before yesterday when I woke my PC up and there was a bubble in the task bar saying that McAfee had run an update & I needed to restart my PC. No problem - click the restart and as it boots back up I get the BSoD (blue screen of death). Tried everything I could to recover without a reload of the O.S, but no luck. As much as I hated reloading the OS I was at least accepting of that being the final solution since I felt my pictures and documents were all safe on Carbonite. (And this is no promotion for any products or services, this is just how I have chosen to backup my files - and about 10 years of digital images)

Anyway, finally get the OS reloaded and now I have to change all the generic stuff and start trying to recall what programs I had that I want to reinstall. Thinking that it might be wiser to restore my Carbonite fist, in case any program requires a download of more current drivers or files I would prefer that those overwrite anything Carbonite restores rather Carbonite overwriting and updated drivers or files. Carbonite started . . . Oh Em Gee! The estimated time field says "A few Days"! I kid you not! I actually said  that! But, the other option was for me to manually restore files one by one. Ummmm, no, lets let Carbonite do it's thing.

Okay, finally felt a slight bit better. Sleep. Wake and see that Yay! Carbonite is now at 26% complete! Hope shines ever so slightly now.

Well, that ray of hope was overshadowed yesterday about lunchtime when my dear hubby, who had gone to meet some of his buddies for lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant, called to tell me he was having an allergic reaction and this one seems to be worse than anything he has had before. He has had these allergic reactions off & on for the 30+ years we have been married. Usually some swelling of the eyes, some itchy throat, every so often some itchy welts on his arms, ears, neck. But never have any of the prior attacks affected his ability to breath. Well, this one did! He left the restaurant and heads back our way & call while driving to ask what I think he should do. E.R., or, since his doctors office is right beside the hospital, go in there and see if the doctor can see him. I call the doctors office - nope, doctor is not in, wont be in for an hour or so. I call hubby back & tell him head straight to the E.R. and I head that way myself. They kept him in the E.R for several hours & finally admitted him to the ICU for observation. The allergic reaction was in regression, but it required a repeat of all treatments generally administered for allergic reaction and the E.R doctor didn't want to take a chance on his breathing becoming compromised again. Fortunately he was doing much better this morning & is back home, with a few new prescriptions - one is an EpiPen (YAY!).

Unfortunately though, my power went off during the night and hosed up my Carbonite restore session. And, now I wait (as patiently as a very impatient person can) for their Tier 2 tech support to play 20 questions with me. But I still have hope since their system is suppose to have more than one copy of my backed up files. We will see how this goes.

I need a new week!


  1. I am so very Glad that Terry is recovering. My dear friend Penny has the same problem...she's allergic to everything. Once she asked me to bring her some Pastry's from the local German Bakery and I did. Biggest allergy for most people is "nuts"; I wasn't thinking and as soon as she had finished the first one she began to swell. EPI PEN TO THE RESCUE! That was a long evening. I had no clue how problematic allergies were until then. Now everytime we eat together we wait to see if we get some excitement. However, she's been through a seizure with me and had no warning...So I guess we are equal! Love You!

  2. OMG I do know how you feel about this. I do hope your hubby is ok I know what allergic reactions are like I have mild ones but I have a son and daughter who have bad ones. I love the stressed cat it is very much how I feel at the moment I did the same microsoft update and my screen went blue with pinstripes and I haven't be able to do anything. I am now on the laptop.Hopefully I will get it sorted soon. Your blog post has made me laugh but I am hoping my hard drive is still accessible as I don't have it backed up it was one of the things on my to do list!


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