It's not always about me (and I'm okay with that)

This card was not made by me. It was made by my 15 year old granddaughter. She spent several days with me this past week and I gave her a mini-course on using the blending technique of the Copic markers. She took to it like a champ! She used her first stamped piece to make a birthday card for her best friend, Shelby.
Here is her first card, and I'm so proud of her!

And, since both she & her friend Shelby love The Beatles music, she added a line from a classic Beathes song to the inside.

Of course having her here working on crafts with me reminded me of how badly I want to get the sewing room revamped to my craft room as soon as possible. And, yes,I realize I blogged about this task a while back, but I have had one or another grandchild here for most days of the last few weeks. And when I get involved in the clean-up I don't want or need to have to stop several times to accommodate them, so I just let it slide. But school starts back the middle of next week so my weekdays should be mine again soon. At least mine until I have to go pick up the youngest grandchild from daycare each day.


  1. Miss Sabrina did a FABULOUS's beautiful!!!!!!


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