I Love My Little Sister

I get to share another post with crafty work I did not do! This time it is some wonderful craftiness from my little sister, Lisa. During a recent telephone conversation I mentioned needing to come up with a small notebook I could store my favorite Copic color combinations in for reference. I said that if I had a Bind It All I would just make one, but since I don't have a BIA I guess I will just see what I could find at the local target. Well, being the sweet sister she is, she said she had a BIA and would make a booklet for me. Other than suggesting the pages be something in the neighborhood of 1/4 sheet size to keep the cutting & measuring simple I told her I would leave color & design up to her. Well, my package arrived today and I was sooo happy with my booklet! She did a wonderful job and I just love it! I have already pasted some of my color samples in it. When I have a stamp that doesn't stamp up well I save it to do test color & techniques. When I like the color sample I label the Copic numbers and add it to the stack on the corner of my desk.

Closed booklet

Opened booklet

And do you see all the paper laid out below the booklet? Well, she sent me an 8X8 paper sampler too. And some wonderful papers I might add. I love each and every one of them. And they are two sided, so that gives me double the options! (Gosh I need to get finished with the reno work in my craft room so I can get back to making some cute stuff!)

And, of course, being the crafty lady that she is, she also made the note card she enclosed. I do believe I have a wonderful little sister! I love you Lisa! xoxo


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. In answer to your question I usually just put an insert in my cards if I have brads or anything else poking through.
    It's really simple to do with just a piece of printer paper. I measure the whole of the inside of the card and then cut a piece of paper that size but -1cm each on the width and length. I then put some thin double sided tape in the centre of the card and lay the piece of printer paper on top centrally on the card. When the card folds the paper will fold with it.

    Hope that helps!!
    Jo x

  2. I LOVE YOU TOO! Glad you like it...if we need to do something else just let me know!


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