Same Technique - Different Colors

I had to try that technique again so I thought I would go with one of the colors that I find I steer away from. I guess everyone has their c"colors". Mine are pinks, purples, red & blues. I steer away from oranges, greens, browns and yellows. But I like to find color challenges that force me to use the colors I generally steer away from so when I went to my craft room today I decided to "challenge" myself. Since I h ad already used the technique on one of my colors I made myself got to the colors I am not naturally drawn to. 
I like the card okay. I still love the technique, and the card is okay, for it's color - lol. But I do like the card all-in-all. And it will go in my box of cards for OWH. I know there are "orange" people out there :)

The card is all generic materials - nothing special. For more specifics on the technique read my last blog post.

Next time I use this technique I want to change it up slightly - I want to find some super narrow ribbon and run that across the top and bottom of the vellum sentiment strip rather than making an embossed line in the vellum.


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